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For those listening to the KFNL feed, the ISP for that feed is FRII.  I apologize that the feed has been going up and down recently.  For the last week they have had issues with their network.  I had been serving the feed via tethering while waiting out their issues and the feed is now back on via FRII.  Currently their network is somewhat stable though seems to drop out occasionally. 

You can monitor their progress on their network issues here:

The feed has moved to a new location for much improved reception.

The previous location had some trouble receiving aircraft to the north and west and aircraft on the ground (the latter especially with aircraft with belly mounted comm antennas) and was saturated when aircraft transmitted over the site due to the high gain LNA.  The new location is better situated for receiving all traffic both air and ground.  I've been testing it for a week before switching the feed over this morning and the results show a remarkable improvement.  There are no weak signals anymore and no instances of receiver saturation.

The current feed is built with the following:

* Nagoya NL-780A antenna
* RG-8x coax
* PAR Electronics airband bandpass filter model VHFBP(116-132)HT
* SDRPlay RSP1A receiver
* Raspberry Pi v4B
* RTL Airband v4.0.2 (SDR configuration:  multithreaded mode, 8 MSPS sampling, fft_size 8192 and gains IFGR=59, RFGR=2).
The previous feed was the following:

* 5-element Arrow II Yagi antenna cut to 122.7 MHz (the old CTAF before the tower came online 2 years ago)
* RG-400 coax
* PAR Electronics airband bandpass filter model VHFBP(116-132)HT
* Pasternack PE15A1013 50 dB LNA
* Mini-Ciruits ZFSC-3-1+ 3-way splitter
* 3x Nooelec NESDR Smart v4 SDR (tower, ground, FBO)
* Raspberry Pi v4B
* RTL Airband v4.0.2

Thanks for posting your setup details. Good info.


Feed Status: DOWN
Last heard on: 2022-05-02 17:11:05 (0 days 0 hours 0 minutes ago)   

I adjusted on squelch.  And it appears to working.
Issues are:
1- When we adjust squelch too low, we get cross-talk from nearby AWOS-Wx station on 118.175
2  It says last heard o minutes ago.  What do I need to do to get this working right.


KFNL feed may be spotty today.  The ISP for the feed is "performing upgrades to our towers for our fixed wireless internet".


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