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The feed for KFNL has been spotty since Monday.  The old ISP (FRII) was purchased by a new provider last month (VistaBeam).  The new ISP is having connectivity issues.  They have no time estimate for repair.  My apologies.

KFNL feed updates:

The JetCenter (ASRI/FBO) feed has moved to the same site as the tower and ground feeds.  Thus, it is much clearer.  However, its frequency is shared among the other JetCenters in the area (e.g., KAPA & KCOS), so one-way communications to those offsite FBOs will also be heard.

A consolidated feed was added last week:  "KFNL Gound/Tower".  This feed has the tower on the left channel and ground on the right.  This is helpful for when the field isn't busy and the controller is on both frequencies simultaneously.

Feed setup:

* RF:
* Nagoya NL-780A antenna
* Comet CM-5M magmount w/ 13' RG-58A coax
* RG-8x coax after magmount coax
* Generic lightning arrestor
* PAR Electronics airband bandpass filter model VHFBP(116-132)HT
* Mini-Circuits ZFSC-2-1+ splitter
* 2x 20" RG316 BNC-to-SMA jumpers
* SDR:
* Tower/Ground:  SDRPlay RSP1A receiver.
* Configuration:  Multithreaded mode, 8 MSPS sampling, fft_size 8192 and gains IFGR=49, RFGR=3.
* FBO:  Nooelec RTL-SDR v5 SDR - NESDR Smart.
* Configuration:  1 MSPS sampling, fft_size 2048, gain 30.
* Software:
* Raspberry Pi v4B
* RTL Airband v4.0.2.  Though v4.1.1 is the most current, its changes aren't significant to my setup.

The KFNL feed may be spotty today. 

The feed is located at the airport and its ISP is a "WISP" whose wireless tower for the location is down.  The feed is connected to the internet through tethering until the WISP fixes the tower. 

In the interim, the tethering connection may be unreliable.


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