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I will be posting feed status updates, known issues and planned outages here.  Feel free to reply with suggestions for additional frequencies

Feed Status: Down

Upcoming maintenance:
1/5-1/6 Primary antenna repair - Complete
1/11-1/27 Sporadic outages as Primary antenna is relocated - Complete
2/22-2/24 Sporadic outages due to home network upgrades - Complete
3/23-3/30 Feed moving to new server.  Expect prolonged outages - Complete
4/12 Server HDD Crashed.  It will be down until I replace the HDD - HDD replaced, Server back up
7/7 Scanner stuck on ATIS - ATIS temporarily moved to 122.95, causing issue
7/25 Server down due to equipment failure.  couple of weeks for repair.
8/25 Server down during Hurricane Harvey.  Scanner being used for NOAA Weather updates.
8/29 Server back up.
11/1 Server down due to hardware issues. Should be up again soon
11/11 Server back up
12/21 Server down due to hardware issue and network upgrades.  Should be up by 1/1/2019

Made a slight modification to the primary antenna today, much better ground reception.  Next week I will be moving the antenna from my floor to my attic, so there should be much better ground and air audio next week.  You may or may not be able to hear Houston Dep/App on 119.7

Lost power today due to utility work in the area.  I will be relocating the main antenna to my attic this weekend and I will verify the power restore settings for the server box, so hopefully outages will be less lengthy.

Completed relocating the antenna to my attic. Much better reception. Now you can hear the planes on the ground very clearly and I am barely picking up Houston Approach on 119.7 and 123.8

The server is currently down.  It should be back up later today, as soon as I can get out to it


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