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EIDW No Audio


Not sure if this is the right place so, sorry in advance
I note that although the feeds from  EIDW  - Dublin, Ireland are up .there is no audio from the streams.
there used to be one stream that carried all feeds but this is gone


The one stream that carried all the feeds was temporarily removed because it was playing an Irish radio station.  We are working to get this resolved and then that feed should come back online.  As far as the lack of audio from the other streams, we will be looking into that as well.  Thanks for the heads up!


Here's an update to EIDW: the feed provider is aware of the EIDW feed issues.  There appears to be some technical issue that may have been caused at some point by some unfriendly weather.  It may take a few days for the situation to be assessed at the feed site; hopefully it will be back to normal soon.


Thanks for the update. and I will just have to wait for the work to be done
it looks like they lost an antenna and the signal is not releasing the  Squelch

It's back up now  :-)


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