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We had yet another power outage yesterday. Seems to have taken out a router or a Pi. Not sure which. Will get to the site in the next day or two to try and get it back up.

*Update* Back up now...

*another update 2023/11/29* ISP wired router has failed again. Contacting for replacement... [2-3 day delivery for new components]

* got the site back up today (12/16) with a different seems that it was the Pi, not router. Will check further. However, a second storm blew the mast over and 1/4 wave ground-plane is situated about as bad as possible. We'll get that stood up again after the next big blow expected on Tuesday (12/19). Will look to reinstate normal reception after that.  As always, thanks Dave...

Hello, just out of curiosity, do you have a UPS on the site for the equipment?


Hi John,
    No, we don't have a UPS in place just yet. The single scanner feed up right now is just the beginning. Will be throwing one of those on later. Possibly would have prevented the issue that arose yesterday. The ISP-supplied router was doling out an IP, but the connectivity was not there. We had the final LAN configuration that finally worked set up the exact same way several times but there was no connectivity. Dave graciously helped us in the final stages of angst, after we could get nothing, and suddenly the Pi was showing up for him. So it's back up for now. There will be a small interruption or two as the site gets straightened up today.

...good call on the UPS.

Stages of Angst.  We have new Technical Term now !!(aka Dave-ism)
glad to hear the set up is "progressing"


Exactly !!   :-D


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