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Changes @ ATC via Satellite (Australia)
« on: May 03, 2010, 05:05:12 PM »
The quality of the audio on my feed has got progressively worse over recent years and so today I decided to go up to the remote site where it is fed from and change out some hardware. As a result the audio is now totally clean with little noise and I have also reconfigured the frequencies I am feeding. The changes I have made now allow smooth handoffs to and from the other feed you have available in this region (Sydney Tower & Approach).

I am now streaming the controller circuits that cover:

118.4 Sydney Departures
This departure frequency covers aircraft departing Sydney on southern, west and north west routes.

133.5 & 118.5 Melbourne Centre
These frequencies cover a massive area controlling en-route aircraft arriving and departing Sydney on Western Routes that serve Asian ports, Adelaide, Perth and other destinations that have a western route from Sydney. The frequency also covers aircraft flying over the Sydney region (e.g. Asia to New Zealand).

123.4 Brisbane Centre
This frequency covers arrivals 30-80 NM north of Sydney. Aircraft on this frequency are handed off to Sydney Approach (listeners can switch to the Sydney Tower / Approach stream to continuing monitoring the aircraft).

128.6 Brisbane Centre
This frequency covers en-route oceanic traffic arriving and departing Sydney. Traffic on this frequencies include flights to and from the USA, New Zealand and South Pacific.