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Title: Australian Satellite ATC
Post by: mfahey on September 06, 2006, 08:19:03 AM
Optus B1 - the satellite I feed the ATC from is a very sick little puppy. Almost all services on the Australian beam have shut down and shifted to spare capacity that Optus has leased on other satellites in the region. The satellite is low on fuel following it going "out of control" some months ago. Optus used up much of the remaining fuel on board regaining control of the bird.

A replacement satellite (Optus D1) is being launched in a few weeks. So all will return to normal by the end of October or so. Meanwhile still tune in - Most of the time the audio is up.A new satellite called Optus D1 replaces the sick Optus B1 is launched later this month.

The Australian Air Traffic Control circuits left Optus B1 today. I haven't had a chance to search for them, but I expect to find them distributed across other Optus satellites called B3 and C1.

If you are a listener to my 24/7 audio feed of the B1 ATC you will notice I am currently feeding Sydney Departures audio off VHF. I will move the dish that is used for the feed to either Optus B3 or Optus C1 on the weekend. Then the ATC from satellite will return - in the meantime enjoy Sydney Departures (relay of 129.7)!

Title: Re: Australian Satellite ATC
Post by: mfahey on September 06, 2006, 11:54:44 PM
Satellite ATC (Australia) now back up with a frequency being relayed being a Melbourne Centre frequency covering both high and low airways to the west of Sydney. International and domestic flights from Sydney to Adelaide, Perth, Asia etc will be heard. The frequency is very busy in the afternoon with flights that have departed Sydney on their way to Asian ports, and in the early morning with flights arriving in Sydney from Asia.

This frequency covers many aircraft that are handed off the Sydney Departures feed at liveATC.

So for example if you are lstening to Sydney deaprtures and you hear a call like "Qantas 1 contact Melboune Centre 133.5". Then switch to the Satellite ATC feed and you can continue listening to the flight.

Title: Re: Australian Satellite ATC
Post by: dave on September 07, 2006, 06:54:45 AM
Thanks for al the updates, Mark.  Very interesting listening...thanks again for the feed.