Author Topic: United plans supersonic passenger flights by 2029  (Read 3909 times)

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United plans supersonic passenger flights by 2029
« on: June 17, 2021, 08:04:57 AM »
Some interesting reads.

US airline United has announced plans to buy 15 new supersonic airliners and "return supersonic speeds to aviation" in the year 2029.
Supersonic passenger flights ended in 2003 when Air France and British Airways retired Concorde.
The new Overture aircraft will be produced by a Denver-based company called Boom, which has yet to flight-test a supersonic jet.
United's deal is conditional on the new aircraft meeting safety standards.

United becomes first U.S. airline to sign aircraft purchase agreement with Boom Supersonic
United will purchase 15 of Boom’s ‘Overture’ airliners, once Overture meets United’s demanding safety, operating and sustainability requirements, with an option for 35 more aircraft. Slated to carry passengers in 2029, the net-zero carbon aircraft will fly on 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).