Author Topic: PBIA approved for 'vertiport' for electric jet service to connect Florida cities  (Read 1952 times)

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literally in my backyard, but that will be a few years.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — As Brightline expands its highspeed rail service from South Florida to Orlando, there could be an even faster way to get around the state.

With a range of about 150 miles and top speeds around 175 miles per hour, the German-based Lilium Jet could find a home at a series of Florida’s airports, including Palm Beach International Airport.

Recently, the Palm Beach County commissioners approved a lease for about a 5-acre vacant portion of PBIA for Spanish company Ferrovial to build what’s known as a vertiport and a terminal, costing $7 million.

County mayor, Dave Kerner, a pilot himself says, it would be affordable for everyday Floridians, while saving time.

“It would really cut down on other regions of the state. Like Ft. Myers for example, Tampa, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami. You’re not going to fly to New York City in this, you’re not going to fly to Los Angeles, but to get around our very long and very large state, it could be a gamechanger,” Kerner said in an interview Monday with CBS12 News.

The six passenger jets take off like a helicopter and fly like a traditional plane, all powered with 36 all electric engines.
There are a host of contingencies in the lease that could force the deal to fall through.

The jet itself still needs approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly in the United States.

But this could be the beginning of a new era in travel.

“What we think of right now of something that could only be used as regionally, I hope to see that here as soon as possible, but I would expect this technology to bring us much further than that in the next decade as well,” Kerner said. “Ultimately I see a use and a purpose for this far beyond the fences of the airport.”

In time, theoretically you wouldn’t even need an airport since these jets take off and land vertically. So, they could take you straight to the Dolphins game or to work. While timelines vary, it could be 6-7 years before it’s available in Palm Beach County.