Author Topic: Collings Foundation Agrees To Temporary Restrictions Following B-17 Crash  (Read 3246 times)

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"The move is temporary. It's an agreement with the FAA to suspend the living history flights while the Collings Foundation responds to the FAA's concerns about operations and procedures.

The vintage planes of the Collings Foundation traveling Wings of Freedom tour will not be taking passengers on flights."

"The Collings Foundation told FOX61, “We have agreed to a temporary stand down with our LHFE flights (living history flight exemption) as we work with the FAA thoroughly addressing questions regarding operations. We hope to have this resolved soon.”"

"Right now, the Collings Foundation Wings of Freedom tour is in Venice, Florida. As of now, they have no plans to come back to Connecticut this year. The NTSB is still months away from issuing a final report into the crash."

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