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As we say goodbye and bid farewell to Continental Airlines, I think it is fitting that we remember another Grand Lady who is no longer with us...

Twenty years ago today, on Dec 4th, 1991, the world said goodbye to a true legacy carrier and an icon in the airline industry. Twenty years ago today, Pan American World Airways went out of business after a long financial battle. Pan Am had several distinctions in its long career including being the launch customer, and a key player in the design of the Boeing 747, and being the only airline in history to operate the DC-10 and the L-1011 at the same time (Pan Am already operated the L-1011, but acquired the DC-10 after the National merger).

Here are a couple of YouTube vids:

"Worlds Best Pan Am 747 Video":

"Last Pan Am Departure Form "KJFK":

"Last Pan Am Departure Form KMIA":

"Jumbo 747 PAN AM 1970-1991":

ORD Don:

                        Well said, Joey.   Good post........good videos.

                        Here's one more for you...


yeah the radio callsign "clipper" was a regular on scottish control, making its way up the spine of my
country before hanging a left turn out towards 10 west and the ocean and back  home

Neat Vid Dan!

Retro11, I remember when I was younger, going to the airport to see my grandparents off on a trip to Scotland. They flew Pan Am connecting through London. Pan Am ran B747 service to Heathrow from Detroit, Mi, with a stop-over in New York. I remember looking at the nose of that B747 just outside the glass (that was back when anyone could walk through security and go to the gate areas...). I had never seen an airplane that big, that close before. To be honest, that may very well have been when I fell in love with the 747...

The BBC had a great documentary on the rise and fall of Pan Am a few weeks ago, with interviews with pilots, cabin crew, star passengers and more. You can see it here:


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