Author Topic: TSA Agent Saves Man’s Life at Milwaukee Airport  (Read 2584 times)

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TSA Agent Saves Man’s Life at Milwaukee Airport
« on: October 02, 2018, 06:53:12 AM »
The TSA gets so much bad press, here's a good one for a change.

A Transportation Security Administration agent working at a Milwaukee airport saved a man’s life last week.
According to, Tony D'Amico was working at Mitchell International Airport Wednesday when a 70-year-old man collapsed near the security line at Concourse D and began shaking violently.
After checking his vital signs and finding no pulse, D'Amico began performing CPR until the man regained consciousness. The TSA agent’s other career as a firefighter helped prepare him for the moment.
“I started kind of coming back down to earth so to speak,” D'Amico told “Gathering my thoughts on what happened. Just kind of surprised it did happen, like an unbelievable feeling.”
The police arrived at the Wisconsin airport a short time later and medical personnel were on the scene within 20 minutes to transport the man to the hospital. The belief is that D'Amico’s quick action helped save the man’s life.

Once the ordeal was over, D'Amico returned to his post and finished his shift. He has worked for the TSA for 10 years and joined after 9/11 to honor his fellow firefighters who died in New York City that day.

“Probably [employee] of the year to be quite honest,” Homeland Security federal security director Mark Lendvay said. “Heroic efforts saving someone's life, you don't do that daily. And if you talk to him, he'll just say he was doing his job.”