Author Topic: FAA Considers Grounding 38 SWA 737's Over Incomplete Maintenance Records  (Read 4084 times)

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"Southwest acquired 88 used Boeing 737 NG planes between 2013 and 2017, part of its fleet of more than 750 Boeing 737 jets.

Of those 88, 41 have been fully inspected to verify paperwork, and another nine are undergoing inspections. The remaining 38 planes, which are the ones lacking complete documentation, have drawn scrutiny from the FAA, the Department of Transportation's Inspector General, and Congress.

The FAA threatened to ground those 38 planes in late October, according to The Journal, "if the agency's concerns weren't adequately addressed." In 2018, the regulator briefly grounded 32 of the airline's planes following audits of maintenance records."

"Southwest also owns 34 Boeing 737 Max jets, which have been grounded through March. A grounding of additional planes would place a significant strain on the airline's operations."