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Thank You, Delta Airlines!!
« on: March 29, 2015, 08:00:01 PM »
Delta Airlines, Inc.
P.O. Box 20706
Atlanta, GA 30320-6001
  To all the men and women of Delta Airlines, My name is Daniel Wallace and I am a retired US Marine. I'm 47 years old and have been around the world 4 times, shot twice, been in three helicopter crashes, and am still here with mostly all the bigger parts still attached. I spent 20 years in and out of combat, in unbelievable places, through numbing boredom, and in so many incredible circumstances that sometimes I can't believe it all really happened. I tell you this as a bit of background because it is important to WHY I did it. Why WE do it. Partly, it was because my family heritage is rooted in service to the country. Partly, it was because I had an absolute blast and did things seldom done by folks (and I even got paid for it!). We don't do it for glory, recognition, medals, or anything like that. Mostly, we do it for those next to us. The quiet, consummate professionals that do the job and accomplish the mission everyday regardless of the cost that's demanded.
 I just watched a video that puts me eternally in your debt and immensely thankful for all of you. Your airline brought home an American and their partner. I didn't know about your Honor Guard or that, when you bring home a fallen warrior, you recognized the sacrifice and dedication that they displayed to the last. I am also especially appreciative of the fact that you recognize that our K-9's aren't just dogs to us. They are Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen - they just have an extra pair of legs and an incredible sense of smell. We pound the same sand, eat the same dirt, take the same hits, and die the same deaths. Not for anything other than to accomplish the mission and watch each others back. Some say warriors don't cry... I don't think that those people have ever lost a comrade in battle. I have cried more times than I can remember. I will sleep better at night now though, because I know that the good people of Delta are there for us when we require that long, sad ride home to our final ceremony... Your ceremony was conducted with honor, respect, and precision. It was worthy of any military ceremony I have ever witnessed. I wish I could shake every one of your hands and say thank you. I guess all I can do is to say thank you like this. I will never have to decide who to fly with from now on. Delta has earned my business, my admiration, and mostly, my undying respect. THANK YOU, DELTA! 
Semper Fidelis,
Daniel Wallace
SSgt   USMC (ret.)