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Strong Plane De-Icing Fumes Send 10 Passengers to the Hospital



Strong fumes on-board Air Transat 782 forced officials to evacuate 185 passengers Thursday morning, just minutes before takeoff from Quebec City Airport (YQB). Ten passengers were taken to nearby hospitals for related symptoms including vomiting, dizziness and sore eyes.The fumes had wafted into the plane’s ventilation system during the de-icing process, according to an Air Transat spokesperson. After several passengers complained of feeling faint, airport firefighters were called, and all passengers returned to the terminal.

“For the moment, we are talking about a problem with the ventilation system during the de-icing of the aircraft,” said Jean Lesage International Airport spokeswoman Laurianne Lapierre. “The airline is leading its own investigation to determine the source of the problem.”


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