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Superbowl LIV - Miami, FL
Notice Number: NOTC9937

At the request of the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Aviation Administration will
establish airspace restrictions over Super Bowl LIV, to be played February 2, 2020 at Hard Rock Stadium
in Miami, FL. NOTAMs will be issued depicting a 99.7 “Special Security Instruction” Temporary Flight
Restriction (TFR) to be implemented as follows:
Under the authority granted by 49 USC, the FAA may apply restrictions within airspace under its
jurisdiction. Any person who knowingly and willingly violates these restrictions may be subject to
certain criminal and/or civil penalties. Pilots who violate security TFRs or procedures may be
intercepted, detained and interviewed by Law Enforcement/Security Personnel. They may also be
subject to the following actions:
1. The FAA may take administrative action, including imposing civil penalties and the suspension
or revocation of airmen certificates;
2. The United States Government may pursue criminal charges, including charges under Title 49
of the United States Code, Section 46307;
3. The United States Government may use deadly force against the airborne aircraft, if it is
determined that the aircraft poses an imminent security threat.

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