Author Topic: Easter in Palm Beach with the President  (Read 3168 times)

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Easter in Palm Beach with the President
« on: April 11, 2017, 07:14:37 AM »
Oh joy !!  At least the scanner will be quiet this weekend :)
will try to capture any possible "violators" and there have been a plenty.

A look at airspace violations over Palm Beach for each of President Donald Trump’s visits since he took office:
• Feb. 3-5: 10 violations
• Feb. 10-12: three violations
• Feb. 17-20: 14 violations
• March 3-5: four violations
• March 17-19: seven violations
• April 6-9: nine violations

A Federal Aviation Administration notice Monday appeared to confirm what President Donald Trump said Sunday: He is returning to spend Easter in Palm Beach.
Still not clear though is what time the president will arrive Thursday or depart Sunday. Those details are now watched closely by both rush-hour commuters and private aircraft owners.

Trump revealed his holiday travel plans Sunday to guests in the dining room of his Trump International Golf Club in suburban West Palm Beach, the Palm Beach Daily News reported Sunday. But more details came Monday in the form of an advisory issued by the FAA, which says temporary flight restrictions for a VIP will be in effect over Palm Beach from Thursday through Sunday.