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Poll: Should the F/A-18 Hornet be retired?


 F/A-18 Hornet has been on going for years now. But after this recent crash.
Should retirement be a option?

The RCAF in Canada plans to phase out the F/A 18 by 2017-2020. Only 103 remain active today with only 79 upgraded F/A-18A/B aircraft still operational. The new JSF-35 is Canada's official choice to replace its Hornet. It is estimated  that Canada's contribution in development and involvement will exceed  C$ 550 million about even with the USD investment. Meanwhile in Australia it is a different case, who plans to purchase 24 Super Hornets as gap filler. However Australia's involvement in the F-35 Lightning II program have been mired in controversy. Amid criticisms that the F-35A will (1) be unable to compete with proliferating SU-30 family fighters in the region, (2) lack the range or response time that Australia requires, and (3) be both late and very expensive during early production year

Accidents happen, maintenance isn't always perfect.  No reason to retire this aircraft.  Look at the C-5, C130, DC-9s that the military fly's. Those aircraft are much older then the F/A-18. 

A 737 crashed.  Should we retire all of them too?

Robin Rebhan:
Carrier landings and simulated carrier landings will really make any aircraft old in a short time. If you look at the landing gear on any navy plane you can see and understand why.
That said. Would I move into a residence right smack on the glide path of a major military airport? Ummm.....No!  :-o


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