Author Topic: 1-Hour Flight From Las Vegas To CA Unexpectedly Turned Into 17-Hour Journey  (Read 5368 times)

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Just hearing of this one, wow.

Las Vegas
1-Hour Flight From Las Vegas To CA Unexpectedly Turned Into 17-Hour Journey
By Ginny Reese
Jul 15, 2021

A flight that left from Las Vegas ended with an awful journey that no one asked for.

The flight from Vegas to Stockton, California was only supposed to last one hour. Instead, it lasted 17 hours.

The Daily Mail reported that Allegiant Airlines flight 161 was supposed to land at 9:30 p.m. on Monday, but never received clearance to land. The pilots tried to reach the control tower, but it turns out that it was unmanned.

So, the plane turned back to Las Vegas. There, they were turned away once again due to storms. (I still can't find that audio)

The plane ended up going all the way to Los Angeles where the 175 passengers were held in a holding room that didn't even have a bathroom.

The flight was rescheduled to make it to Stockton the next day.

The passengers were given $250 ticket vouchers for their troubles, but they were still upset.

One passenger, Jade Watts, told CBS Sacramento:

"It was absolutely horrible."
There was a guy that said, 'What do we do? Do we need to find hotel rooms, are we on our own?' And the gentleman said, 'Yes, as of right now, you're on your own.'
Everybody had to find hotel rooms. There were people sleeping in the airport ... older ladies just kind of walking around by themselves not sure what to do.
I think everybody on the flight is very frustrated. There was no help given, no instructions. There was no assistance."

The flight eventually landed in Stockton the next day at 2 p.m.

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They were damn lucky the plane was fully fueled and didn't have issues with that after the third unplanned for hour of flight... The $250 vouchers were quite a lousy way to get out of issue, too; the customers would have been better off with a $100 hotel voucher instead.