Author Topic: New fire truck at PBIA designed to fight fires from inside aircraft  (Read 6196 times)

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Several videos of it in operation in the link.  Saw this myself in action, very cool.

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. — There is a new fire truck at Palm Beach International Airport that’s joining the fleet, designed to fight fires from inside the aircraft.

“It's a high tech piece of equipment. We just took delivery of it a few weeks ago, and the guys are training on it now. It has every new technology that's available to keep everyone safe here at the airport,” said District Chief Bob Kropa of Palm Beach County Fire Rescue.
The truck is called Dragon 5 and has seven on-board computers, a 360-degree camera, can get up to runway speeds of 70 mph, and a stinger that can pierce an aircraft and shoot water inside to fight internal fires."This stinger will pierce right through the metal and it has holes right here. So it allows the water to get right where it needs to go," said Kropa

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue is training on the new truck and is expected to go into operation in a few weeks.