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McCarran International Airport is no more.

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Oh, definitely a very interesting read. As a resident of Las Vegas, whenever at the parking area dedicated to planespotting and listening in to ATC, every 10 minutes there was a blurb on the radio asking if people knew that McCarran was the father of the modern NAS that we have right now, and to learn more about him by visiting the aviation museum that is above baggage claim in the main terminal.

So there is no denying the accomplishments that McCarran did; however, one had to judge if the good he has done is better than the bad that he has done, and whether Reid is worthy of taking the name of the airport over McCarran. Right now, I'd say that there is a compromise. Reid was the one that got the D gates, Terminal 3, the new ATC tower, and repavement of 26L done. He was the one that got the funds allocated for that, because not only was Terminal 2 completely aging and about to fall apart, the old Tower was just as bad. This allowed KLAS to bring in airlines such as Singapore, KLM, Korean Air, Edelweiss, Eurowings, Volaris, VivaAero, Virgin, British Airways, Condor, Monarch, and right now, Finnair, plus more.

As a compromise, the marquis for McCarran Field still exists going over to the FBOs on the west side of the field. That isn't going to change.



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