Author Topic: JetBlue toilet waste truck slams into parked plane at Kennedy Airport  (Read 2145 times)

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(can't look for the audio, don't know if it would be Ground or Company)

It stinks when your flight hits turd-bulence before it even gets off the ground.
A JetBlue flight about to leave for Denver was stalled Saturday night when a truck carrying toilet waste crashed into it at Kennedy Airport.

Pictures show the truck wedged under the belly of the Airbus A321 jet after the collision around 8 p.m. in front of Gate 17 at Terminal 5, said Port Authority cops.Passengers were forced to get off the plane as workers dislodged the truck from beneath it, authorities said.

The male truck driver was taken to Jamaica Hospital with minor injuries.

No passengers were injured and the cross-country flight was moved to a different aircraft, a JetBlue spokesperson said.