Author Topic: Flying a drone in South Tampa this weekend could cost you big bucks!  (Read 3102 times)

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As we get ready for the Tampa Bay Airfest 2022, a few things to know courtesy of MacDill Air Force Base!

First, please do not launch a drone anywhere in South Tampa. We will know if you do, and the FAA will hand you a ticket for $225,000. It's just too dangerous to the performers.

Second, don't bring your pets. Of course, we would love to host your service animal, but not your emotional support animal. Let's face it, your emotional support animal will need emotional support after a few minutes with the F-22. Unfortunately, every year someone will bring their pet and leave it in the car.....and we break their windows.

Enough of the don'ts, how about some do's. Bring sunglasses, cash, hats and sunblock.