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This Flight Stinks!!  :roll:

"A Korean Air Boeing 747-400, registration HL7601 performing freight flight KE-9560 from Chicago O'Hare,IL (USA) to Brussels (Belgium) with 390 cows travelling on the main deck, was enroute at FL340 over the Irish Sea when the crew received an aft main deck fire warning. A crew member left the cockpit to check the main deck and saw no signs of fire or smoke. Although the crew suspected the indication was false probably caused by the presence of the cows, they decided to carry out the relevant checklist procedures, donned their oxygen masks, initiated a controlled cabin depressurization and performed an emergency descent. The aircraft diverted to London Heathrow,EN (UK) for a safe landing, attending emergency services found no trace of fire or smoke.

The AAIB stated in their bulletin the crew believed "the presence of the cattle led to higher than normal levels of humidity and that this was the cause of the warning."

The bulletin did not state on the fate of the cows.

The airline reported none of the cows suffered from hypoxia during the emergency descent, all of them reached London in good condition."



ORD Don:

              Too funny !!  :lol:       I had NO idea that cows were flown overseas on 747's.   Almost 400 at that !

              I presume that they are in stalls or something ?   I hope they edit out any McDonald's commercials from

              the inflight entertainment  :evil: !!

Never worked any cows, that I knew of but I've had some elephants and horses before.

I too have seen horses. I've heard stories about an aircraft full of baby chickens. I've even heard stories about a couple of dolphins that were moved by aircraft...


--- Quote from: ORD Don on July 20, 2012, 10:48:10 AM ---              I presume that they are in stalls or something ?

--- End quote ---

To answer your question:





Neat Pages:

I would assume cows would be similar...


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