Author Topic: NTSB warning issued for Cirrus owners  (Read 4252 times)

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NTSB warning issued for Cirrus owners
« on: April 26, 2022, 05:58:43 AM »

Wow, any owners here who have this, would love to hear.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has released an Aviation Investigation Report (AIR-22-04) urging Cirrus Aircraft and the FAA to address safety issues identified in investigations involving Cirrus SR22Ts in which
an excessive fuel condition led to a loss of engine power during the takeoff climb.

“We investigated six accidents involving Cirrus SR22T airplanes,” said NTSB officials when releasing the report in April 2022. “In five of them, we were able to retrieve fuel flow data from the recoverable data modules (RDM) installed in the accident airplanes. In each case, the fuel flow data indicated an excessively high fuel flow (ranging from 42.2 to 50.1 gallons per hour) to the engine just before the loss of power.”

What You Should Know
NTSB officials say their examination into these accidents “suggests a lack of system safety assessments to identify the cause and reduce the potential of the hazard from occurring.”

NTSB officials concluded the Cirrus SR22T can experience a loss of engine power due to excessive fuel flow — and some causes of excessive fuel flow during takeoff and climb may not have been identified and mitigated.The NTSB recommends that Cirrus Aircraft conduct a functional hazard assessment (FHA) to identify the causes, effects, and severity levels for the SR22T excessive fuel flow hazard condition during takeoff and climb phases of flight and, based on the FHA, update the system safety assessment.

“Until the FAA requires implementation of appropriate mitigating actions to prevent the loss of engine power due to excessive fuel flow in the SR22T, additional accidents may occur due to this hazard,” NTSB officials warn.  What You Can Do
NTSB officials encourage all pilots with Cirrus Aircraft to read the new AIR, which includes the circumstances of the six accidents investigated by the NTSB.

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Re: NTSB warning issued for Cirrus owners
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2022, 11:14:09 PM »
A fascinating read. Some of the problems could not have been drift boss anticipated.