Author Topic: United Airlines Boeing 737 taxied for so long at Newark it ran out of fuel  (Read 3012 times)

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(Thanks AirLive)

I normally avoid cross posting, but this one really had me shaking my head, and had to share if you hadn't heard the story.
Been going thru some of the audio, but it's all over the place, and a lot of time :)

The Boeing 737-900ER was taxiing to fly to Denver. However, the plane stayed on the tarmac and taxiways for more than six hours before the flight got cancelled.

The initial delays were reportedly due to lightning and thunderstorms. Initially, the aircraft taxied for around 3 hours before returning to the gate. However, the aircraft continued taxiing for the next few hours.
As reported by Aviationa2z, in an announcement the captain said: “On top of taxiing for hours, air traffic control gave us a longer flight path to Denver to avoid lingering storms. Which all meant we didn’t have enough fuel left to make it there.”

Eventually, after remaining on the tarmac for another 8.5 hours, the flight was cancelled and passengers disembarked the aircraft.

“Oh my god, after 8.5 hours on the tarmac at Newark, and disembarking/reembarking/refuelling the plane, the flight is a no-go,” tweeted the New York Times reporter Hiroko Tabuchi.

“We are heading back to the gate a final time. This time, it’s the crew – they’ve clocked out. ‘I’ve run out of apologies,’ the pilot just told us.”