Author Topic: Palm Beach air traffic control honored for 'heroic' emergency plane landing  (Read 4278 times)

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From the Palm Beach Post

A crew of five people helped a man with no flight experience land a plane at Palm Beach International Airport after the pilot had a medical emergency.
Katherine Kokal
Palm Beach Post

WEST PALM BEACH — Palm Beach County leaders honored five air traffic control employees Monday morning for their "heroic" roles in instructing a passenger with no flying experience to land safely at Palm Beach International Airport on May 10.

Air traffic control specialists Greg Battani and Robert Morgan, operations supervisor Josh Somers, PBIA operations manager Mark Siviglia and air traffic manager Ryan Warren received commendations for helping to clear the airspace, organizing emergency responses and instructing Darren Harrison of Lakeland to land the plane.

"What they were able to accomplish – what they were able to do – saved the lives of the people on that plane," Palm Beach County Mayor Robert Weinroth said of the men.