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Hurricane Andrew, August 24, 1992
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Hard to believe how this was so long ago, and we lived through it.

On 24 Aug 1992, Hurricane Andrew struck the Florida coast and destroyed the FAA Radar Site at Richmond, Florida. The Richmond radar tower was blown down and the antenna severely damaged. The FAA chose to relocate the site to the Tamiami location and to install a newer and more capable ARSR-4 3D radar. The Richmond AFS site was abandoned.

The new FAA ARSR-4 Tamiami radar site was commissioned on 12 Apr 1996 as the first ARSR-4 radar site commissioned. As a joint-use FAA/USAF radar site it then furnished radar track data to the FAA ARTCC's and to USAF Direction Centers.

The radar site data is now available to the USAF/NORAD Battle Control System-Fixed (BCS-F) operations centers (EADS & WADS) as well as the FAA Miami ARTCC (ZMA) and adjacent ARTCCs.