Author Topic: Sydney new airport will operate without traditional air traffic control tower  (Read 10413 times)

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(news story in link above, interesting.  Thank you 9news !!)

Western Sydney's new international airport will be the first in Australia to operate without a traditional manned air traffic control tower.
Instead, there will be a 45-metre mast fitted with 20 high definition cameras beaming live feeds back to a data centre.
"Traditional control tower, you look out the window to view the aerodrome. In a digital tower they will have cameras on a mast that will reproduce the image onto a screen," Nicole Lewis, digital expert at Air Services Australia, told 9News.

At the data centre, 17 kilometres from the airport in the suburb of Eastern Creek, artificial intelligence will overlay information over the live feeds.
"We'll have the speed of the aircraft, the altitude of the aircraft, the callsign of the aircraft," Lewis said.
The cameras will have infrared technology that helps with visibility in low light and bad weather, and will be able to detect items on the runway.