Author Topic: Comedy of errors force Yankees to sleep at Dulles International Airport  (Read 2145 times)

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I've done that too there, it's not too bad  :-D

The Yankees had a rough night.
After their game against the Nationals was postponed Wednesday they had to catch a flight to Kansas City for a three-game series with the Royals.
The problem was there was a delay due to weather, a mechanical issue with the plane and a situation with flight regulations which forced New York's flight to be canceled.
By the time all of this happened, every hotel was booked for the night in D.C. So the Yankees did what they had to do β€” they slept inside of the airport.
They did not sleep at the airport hotel. No, they pitched their tent in the actual airport.
β€œIt was an unfortunate set of circumstances,” general manager Brian Cashman said Wednesday, via Newsday.
New York ultimately caught a flight out of Dulles International Airport the next morning.

Good thing for the Yankees was their series with the Royals doesn't start until Friday, so they got a chance to sleep off the rough night on a much-needed day off.