Author Topic: Flamingo Temporarily Halts EasyJet Plane on Runway  (Read 2846 times)

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Flamingo Temporarily Halts EasyJet Plane on Runway
« on: April 09, 2019, 12:34:27 PM »

Delays at the airport can be a major burden for travelers, but one EasyJet plane was forced to wait after landing in Spain Sunday when a flamingo was spotted casually strolling across the runway.
According to The Daily Mail, the EasyJet flight had just touched down at Palma de Mallorca Airport on the Spanish island of Mallorca and was preparing to taxi to the gate when the pink bird was spotted.

Officials say the captain of the plane was forced to apply its breaks and a horn was sounded to scare the bird away, but the flamingo remained unfazed and continued its leisurely stroll across the tarmac.Airport crew members tried to scare the bird out of the way, but after flying only a few feet, it landed again and continued to slow air traffic. Eventually, the Spanish airport called wildlife control, but the bird moved out of the way on its own and operations returned to normal.

An EasyJet spokesperson said the impacted flight still made it to the gate in time to avoid a substantial delay. The airline also announced no passengers or flamingos were injured during the weekend incident.(video in the link of the feathery escort)

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Re: Flamingo Temporarily Halts EasyJet Plane on Runway
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2019, 06:53:49 PM »
I’ve had to wait for turkeys, crows and deer so far in my pro flying career. Not many flamingos where I fly sadly...