Author Topic: Plane attempts to land 5 times during Storm Ciara before giving up  (Read 3975 times)

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This is the terrifying moment passengers feared for their lives when their plane repeatedly attempted to land while battling Storm Ciara.
More than 300 passengers were on board the Air Europa flight from Madrid to Amsterdam which took off just after 3 pm yesterday.
In a video, one female passenger screams in terror as the plane unsuccessfully attempts to reach the tarmac.
The pilot eventually decided to turn back to the airport they departed from, where he was able to land the aircraft safely.
In the recording, the dimly-lit plane can be seen jolting up and down with severe turbulence.
One of the female passengers is crying hysterically in the background as she begins to fear for her safety.
The plane continues to shake violently, which prompts the woman to then let out a series of prolonged screams.
They continue to increase in pitch before she can be heard saying 'oh my god' repeatedly.

The video ends shortly afterwards. 

Another passenger later said that some of those on board were sick during the turbulent journey and that items of luggage flew around the cabin.

The plane made five attempts to land at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport before the pilot turned the aircraft around to return to Madrid Barajas.

One of the passengers who had been on board, Mark Haagen, from Kamerik, Netherlands, spoke about the experience after returning to solid ground. 'The pilot stopped the landing twice at the very last moment and we took off again at 150 meters above the runway. Really not cool.'

'People screamed and were puking. The turbulence was enormous, everything vibrated and went back and forth. The luggage flew back and forth.'

Mr Haagen also went on to criticize the pilot and crew for their lack of communication during the bumpy attempts to land.

A spokeswoman for Air Europa said: 'The Flight UX1093 from Madrid to Amsterdam couldn't land at Amsterdam airport due to bad weather and returned to Madrid.

'Passengers were attended to at all times, accommodated in hotels and alternatives to reach their destinations the day after were managed by our staff.'

Storm Ciara caused havoc with flights across Europe with winds of up to 93 mph.

Footage showed several planes dangerously rocking from side-to-side at airports including Manchester, Birmingham and Frankfurt.

Gatwick was the UK's worst affected by the weather with around 300 arrivals and departures cancelled.