Author Topic: America’s Most Controversial Airport Is Now No. 1 in the Country  (Read 2911 times)

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bit of a long read, but very informative, having flown in and out of both, some neat insights.

When it opened 24 years ago, everyone hated Denver International Airport. Now, it’s turned its public image around. One of my fondest memories growing up in Colorado is the blizzard of 2003. Denver’s biggest snowstorm in a century lasted three days straight. People still talk about it. By the time it stopped, the snow was three-feet deep across the metro area, seven feet deep in the foothills. That week was a visual wipe-out -- roads, sidewalks, yards, porches, fire hydrants, park benches, trash, everything got swaddled in a soft, clean white light. The world looked the way your apartment does before you move in all your stuff.
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