Author Topic: Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Remains Closed After Rains  (Read 4134 times)

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(some incredible video in the link as to how much came down in a very short period of time)

Miami had closed a few times as well for 2 short periods (wind/lightning/rain)
PBI stayed open (drainage is much better there)

Bad weather has temporarily halted flights and roadway traffic out of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Wednesday.

The airport tweeted that FLL was closed to flights and roadway traffic due to heavy rainfall and flooding. Officials said it's expected to remain closed until at least noon Thursday.

The upper-level roadway reopened Thursday morning to allow travelers to pick up people.Officials urged travelers to not try to enter or leave the airport due to flooding at the entrance and exit roadways.

Travelers were also urged to check their airlines for revised flight statuses. The airport's ground shuttle system was also temporarily suspended.

Traffic around the airport was at a standstill and dozens of cars were halfway underwater."We were in the car from literally 4:00 until about 7:00 when we managed to finally leave the airport,” Herrera said.

She said it got worse. After they managed to get out of the terminal, they got stuck in the surrounding neighborhoods.

"Everybody appears to be losing their mind,” Herrera said. “There's traffic. Everyone's trying to get out of the flooded streets. Cars are stalling. It's just a nightmare."

She later found out her mom's flight was canceled.

There were some people who got out of their cars and walk to the airport with luggage in hand. Others trying to make their flight were forced to pull over on the side of the road and wait.Joe Taylor missed his flight to Philadelphia. On the way to the airport, he said the water got higher and higher and into the Lyft he and his wife were in.

"It did at a certain point, I'm trying to help him out now that we're stopped, the more water he can get out of his car I appreciate that because he got us here,” Taylor said. "Really frustrated on the way here, and now that I'm at this point, you know it's over, you're not making your flight, you just have to deal with it.”

A video on Twitter showed flooding in a parking garage at FLL. The National Weather Service reported the water reached close to the tops of car tires.

Over at Miami International Airport, officials told NBC6 there were two short periods of flight delays due to lightning, and no flight cancelations.

Multiple tornado, flash flood and severe thunderstorm warnings were issued in South Florida as heavy rain swept through the area for the third day in a row.

Officials in Fort Lauderdale also closed the Kinney Tunnel due to the weather.