Author Topic: Air India flight delayed bees covered cockpit window and attacked staff  (Read 3995 times)

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don't see this often

A domestic flight in India was delayed by two hours after a swarm of bees settled on the cockpit window, obscuring pilots' vision and attacking staff who tried to remove them.
The Air India flight was about to take off when the bees landed on the window. Staff tried fruitlessly to shoo them away and disperse them with the aircraft's windscreen wipers before calling the fire brigade.
Firefighters then used a hose to blast the bees away with water.
An airline spokesperson said bees could have "damaged the plane and harmed the passengers" if they flew into the engines," while a pilot said insects can harm pilots' visibility and mess with planes' sensitive controls.
The flight, which had 136 passengers on board, including a Bangladeshi government minister, was ultimately delayed for around two hours by the bees.