Author Topic: Woman busts through secure gate at Florida airport, drives on runway  (Read 3492 times)

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A Florida woman was arrested after she burst through the gate of a South Florida highway and drove her car onto the runway.

Alejandra Campuzano, 42, of Clewiston was arrested by Lee County Port Authority Police after she trespassed at Southwest Florida International Airport on Saturday.

Authorities say the airport was shut down for 21 minutes while police arrested Campuzano on the runway, and that Campuzano put hundreds of lives at risk if a plane were to land.

Police didn’t say why the woman drove onto the runway or why she broke through a secure gate at the back of the airport, which contained a sign that read "THIS AREA IS A DESIGNATED OPERATIONAL AREA OF AN AIRPORT ANYONE WHO TRESPASSES ON THIS PROPERTY COMMITS A FELONY.”   When officers caught up to Campuzano, she allegedly called them “dirty rats" and told police “I will blow your brains out.”

Campuzano was arrested and sent to the Lee County Jail where she's being held on $205,000 bond.

(ATC audio in the newsclip in the link)