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Airframe Of A320 N106US To Go On Display At Carolina Aviation Museum


The Carolinas Aviation Museum has acquired as a donation from Chartis Insurance, the aircraft's insurer, the airframe of US Airways Flight 1549, A320-214 N106US, and will display the it as it was the day it was removed from the Hudson river.

This was set into motion back in January, but was finalized and the move completed earlier this month.



Below is the fuselage being moved to North Carolina by truck:

Watch this:

"A teaser for the documentary entitled "The Miracle on the Hudson" about Flight 1549 and it's journey."

That one kinda brings a tear to ones eye when you see the people on the bridge holding the sign that says "Welcome Home 1549" ...  :cry:  :-) at the same time...

YouTube has a bunch of vids taken during the move. Here's one, and all the "related" vids:


Squawk 7700:
Great "teaser" on the upcoming documentary. "I touched it" that was cool when the kids went up to the fuselage. Thanks for sharing. Always emotional to see related "Miracle on the Hudson" material. :-)

Glad you enjoyed it!  8-)

I am wondering if and when the documentary will be out and what network it will be on...

I am going to make it a point to get down the the museum and see it in person...seeing it in the video was pretty emotional...I can only imagine what seeing it in person would feel like...


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