Author Topic: Australia builds drone air traffic control system as unmanned aircraft flights  (Read 7766 times)

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(there is about an 8 minute discussion in the link above from 6Perth with Oliver Petersen)

Australia is constructing a drone air traffic control system in anticipation of a significant increase in unmanned aircraft flights and the introduction of flying taxis over the next decade.

Airservices Australia Head of Transformation Uncrewed Services Luke Gumley joined Oliver Peterson on Perth Live to discuss the future of drones in Australia.

“We estimate today there is about 1.5 million drone flights. Some analysis we commissioned is projecting that in 2043 we expect to see 60 million flights, so things are certainly ramping up over time,” Mr Gumley said.

“We know that drones will have some level communication, but from an air services perspective part of our critical role is making sure we’re able to coordinate a lot of the flight paths, and to really manage that safe growth.”