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Air Traffic Controllers Can Listen to Radio Overnight

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--- Quote from: 1053857 on July 20, 2011, 09:14:03 AM ---Its funny that people still think that the FAA is the safest authority out there...

Controllers falling asleep etc. etc. etc. etc. Now this...

The FAA is definately one of the safest, but THE safest? All I have to say is lol

--- End quote ---

I trust them a lot more than I would trust you sitting behind you computer criticizing something you would be totally incapable of handling.  If you think you know so much better, please enlighten us all.  Do tell.

I knew someone would be personally offended (for some weird reason)

After all, you do trust them sitting listening to the radio, but not me behind my computer? Comes down to the same thing, well actually, it doesn't. At least by typing, I'm working out my finger muscles, whilst sitting listening to the radio, I'm...doing nothing, except maybe fallign asleep (The FAA's specialty I might add)

Anyway, you can believe what you want, but to say that the FAA is the safest aviation authority out there would be a lie. I'm not saying that the FAA is CRAP, because that too is a lie, but the safest? No. Deal with it.

You have absolutely no basis for any of your incompetent babble.   All you are able to cite as evidence is "etc etc etc".  Until you're able to compose an intelligent thought on the matter, I suggest you stick to criticizing things you have a clue about.  Clearly this is not one of them.

Robert Larson:
I wonder if any controllers would listen to LiveATC.net in their downtime. ??? :)


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