Author Topic: After Nearly 20 Years, An Abandoned JFK Terminal Reopens As a Hotel  (Read 3013 times)

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A Mid-Century NYC landmark will soon reopen as a sleek, cool-as-hell hotel. Trans World Airlines was once the epitome of the classy, mid-century glory days for air travel, when Don Draper-types described flying as “civilized.” In 1962, Eero Saarinen designed an iconic, cutting-edge Jet Age TWA Flight Center in a JFK airport terminal that elevated the standard of what an airport terminal was expected to be -- it was declared a New York City landmark in 1994. In 2001, finally unable to keep up with the booming modern airline industry, TWA shuttered, and the TWA Flight Center has been more or less been dark to the public ever since.

That’s all about to change: At noon on February 14, guests can start booking reservations for the new TWA Hotel, which formally opens May 15. Act fast, though: The experience of snagging one of the 512 rooms will be reminiscent of the frantic page-refreshing you might associate with, say, tickets for Hamilton or Coachella.

“They’re going to fly off the shelves,” says Tyler Morse, CEO of MCR and Morse Development, the company awarded the TWA contract in 2015. “I can’t tell you how many emails we get, everybody’s trying to jump to the front of the line, which we’re not doing, we’re trying to keep it a fair and equitable process, but it’s going to be crazy.”