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A message of Hope


I figured that 7,500 feet qualifies as social distancing, so I decided to make a solo flight to nowhere over the weekend and try to draw a message of hope - at least, for those of us who follow flights on FlightAware!  Since hardly anyone will ever see this, I thought I'd post it here so you flying enthusiasts could check it out.


It turned out to be a LOT of fun, so I'm thinking about doing some more in the coming weeks...

That is the best message I've seen/heard so far, and all in one word !

Now if you really have a lot of time and fuel money, fly the same pattern over these cities :)

List of cities named Hope:
Hope, RI 2831.
Hope, KY 40334.
Hope, IN 47246.
Hope, ME 4847.
Hope, MI 48628.
Hope, KS 67451.
Hope, ID 83836.
Hope, NM 88250.

Thank you for a bright spot in the day !!

I know 100LL is getting cheaper these days, but I don't think I have the time or budget to make THAT circuit!  :-D

It would be kinda fun, though......  Hmmmmm......

Another boring weekend at home, another flight to nowhere...


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