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Title: "6 am 03 February 2012 – Malév ceases its operation"
Post by: csirke4 on February 03, 2012, 11:24:32 AM
Early this morning Malév choose to stop operating due to financial problems.

Further information: ( (

One of the biggest hungaria news site put a link to the LHBP feed which brought it to the top in the Top50 feed list.

At the moment there are over 1500 people listening to that single feed. And number just keeps rising.
The reason of this hight number is that it's been announced that the last planes that were had to be returned to Ireland are leaving at 16:00 GMT but eventually it turned out that they are not cleared for take-off until the debt is paid.

The link to this page can be found here. (

A picture of the numbers: