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Vintage B-17 crashes west of Chicago

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ORD Don:

          Amazingly, the 7 people on board were alright.  It's a shame to lose this beautiful plane, though...


Marty Becker:
Another local article with youTube links of ground level fire footage.


Why does the media in most of the articles I have read or seen on local TV, say it crashed, crashed landed, etc.?  It made a successful emergency landing with an engine fire and was destroyed by the spreading engine fire.  At least in this link, the Daily Herald said it made an emergency landing.

ORD Don:

           Here's some edited audio from the tower at Aurora Municipal Airport KARR.  The calls of "fire" come about
           5 min. after "Fortress" is cleared to take off.   Edited from  KARR-Jun-13-2001-1430Z.

           I will post this on ATC/Pilot Audio Clips as well...


ORD Don:

              Much more information on this incident - including an amazing photo 360 panorama of the inside

              of this plane - in the ATC/Pilot Audio Clips section of the forum...


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