Author Topic: United Airlines flight diverted after cockpit screens went blank  (Read 1306 times)

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Passengers on a United Airlines plane received disconcerting news from the crew after they were diverted to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Thursday evening when mechanical issues arose mid-flight, according to an airline representative.
Flight 4390 departed from Knoxville, Tennessee, and intended to land in Houston, before trouble arose in mid-air.
passenger recorded what they said was the pilot or copilot making an announcement to passengers over the cabin loudspeaker, saying the aircraft had lost a pair of cockpit screens -- and would have lost them all if they hadn't landed immediately.

"So you may be able to see we lost two of our screens," the man is heard saying in the recording. "Now, if we kept flying, we'd lose them all, eventually, because there's not enough cooling. There is tremendous heat behind those screens."

"If we had continued, eventually, I'd be flying blind," he continued. "So, that's why we are in Dallas right now. It is unlikely this aircraft is going anywhere tonight."

The plane landed safely on the tarmac and passengers were ultimately rebooked on a different flight to Houston, according to the airline representative.