Author Topic: Emirates Plane Flies For 14 Hours With Hole In Side After Passengers Heard Loud  (Read 2422 times)

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Passengers of an Emirates flight were startled to discover a large hole in the side of the plane as they disembarked in Australia following a lengthy flight from Dubai.

The Airbus A380 landed in Brisbane on 1 July following the near-14 hour flight from Emirates' main hub, during which pilots are said to have contacted Air Traffic Control to report a suspected issue.

Crew on board the plane told the authority they suspected they had blown a tyre while taking off from Dubai and requested to be met by emergency services when they landed, the Aviation Herald reports.

Passengers heard the incident take place either during or shortly after takeoff, with one passenger telling Australia’s Courier Mail he heard a worrying noise about 45 minutes into the flight, The Independent reports.

"There was a loud bang and I felt it through the floor as well,” he said, adding: "The cabin crew remained calm, stopped the food service and got on the phone and checked the wings, engines.”

Another passenger speaking to the publication recalled how passengers were told they would have to land on a different runway and have an engineer inspect the plane 'for a suspected landing gear problem', but when the aircraft landed the issue quickly became clear.