Author Topic: Two Emergency Landings At Cancun Airport In One Day  (Read 1912 times)

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Two Emergency Landings At Cancun Airport In One Day
« on: March 09, 2022, 06:30:20 AM »
(snip from the full article)

Cancun Airport saw two emergency landings take place within 24 hours on Monday, leaving passengers shaken and further frustrated when the ordeal was over. Both flights were international routes bound for the US and Canada.
The first of the two incidents involved an Air Transat plane bound for Toronto. The plane took off successfully at around 12 noon. Minutes after departure the captain informed the plane they had to turn around. Air traffic control was notified of the decision and braced for any possible eventuality, also known as a Code 2.
Luckily, in this instance, the plane landed successfully, and no passengers or crew were harmed. The exact problem has not been specified, but after checking the aircraft it was deemed safe to resume and the flight was undertaken two hours later. No statements were taken from the crew or passengers, and the flight safely arrived in Toronto.

The airport’s second incident was more dramatic and has been shared on social media by many of the passengers who were frustrated by the response to the problem.
The Delta flight bound for New York took off at around 6:25 PM and had been flying for nearly an hour and a half when problems arose in the cabin. Smoke was seen in the cabin prompting the assumption of fire somewhere on the plane. Despite being over an hour into the flight, Cancun was the safest option for the emergency landing and the plane turned around.

Several passengers shared scenes from onboard the flight as the attendant announced that the plane was to turn around. Once again, no statement was released by Cancun International Airport or ASUR, which operates the airport. The exact cause of the fire on board is currently unclear but the plane has since been fixed and reproved for operation.