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Air crash investigation
« on: May 25, 2015, 11:08:22 AM »
Anyone watch this? I've recently come across episodes on YouTube it's interesting to see what likely happened on each flight. A few older ones that I remember being interesting are blown out where the cockpit window falls out in flight. The captain is blown out and flight attendants have to keep hold of his legs to stop him being sucked into engines so even when they think he's dead they keep hold. The co pilot who was a new member had to do emergency landing relying on memory and ATC to guide him. In this episode most of people were interviewed about this including the captain who did survive and was back flying in 5 month. Unfortunally the one who didn't want to take part in this was the co pilot I would of liked to hear what he had to say as he was the main one that saved everyone. It did sound like at time he was in shock and upset which is understandable but he did carry on flying and I've read somewhere he was promoted to captain not sure if it's true but he deserved to be.

Egypt air 990 likely suicide crash. Long haul flight so 2 captains and 2 co pilots. Relief co pilot wanted to take over soon after take off but co pilot wasn't happy about it so didn't swap til later on which had been original plan. After relief co pilot took over the captain left him alone a few minutes when the plane started diving down. The relief co pilot kept saying I rely on God. The captain managed to get back to cockpit and tried to stop the plane falling and asked co pilot what was happening but didn't get an answer. There was split opinion on the cause of this with Egyptians denying it was suicide but investigators saying there was no other explanation. I think it was probably suicide or why didn't relief co pilot say what was wrong or try and get plane to go up.

Silk air 185 another possible suicide but less evidence and all focused on the captain crashing the plane when it could of been either of pilots. There was some clues in the captains private life to make investigators think he might of planned a suicide I think a life insurance policy. Not totally sure but there was something. On the flight the last thing investigators knew for sure was that the captain left cockpit and co pilot made radio contact with ATC nothing was thought to be wrong and anything from then is guesswork. They don't know for sure if the captain had returned to cockpit when radio contact was made. I think it's thought the captain switched the voice recorder off as he left cockpit which adds weight to him being to blame as it seems he had something to hide. It isn't mentioned if investigators looked into details about the co pilot or not nothing is mentioned about him.

British airways 9 flys through an ash cloud causing all 4 engines to fail the captain makes the biggest understatement announcement saying we have a small problem then says all 4 engines have failed. I know pilots should try and reasure passengers and keep them calm but to say they had a small problem then explain not one but all 4 engines had failed. I hardly know anything about planes like most people but I know all 4 engines failing is not a small problem it couldn't be any bigger of a problem. But this did have a good ending and it seemed to go with the comment captain made as all engines restarted then one failed again which did turn out to be the small problem. The plane managed a safe landing and everyone was ok.

Missing over New York this is one which everyone has different opinion on who's at fault definately not a single person. The flight to New York left with enough fuel to destination and an extra 2 hours most allowed. The captain didn't know much English so the co pilot did radio contact. They were placed in 3 holding patterns and ended up running very low on fuel. The captain told co pilot to declare emergency due to low fuel the co pilot never used the word emergency but did say they were low on fuel a few times. The ATC never passed message about low fuel on. The weather also played a part in this ATC didn't warn pilots about wind so this caught them off guard and caused them to abort a landing. In the end they ran out of fuel and crashed killing some of people on board while others survived. Most surprising thing about this one is on the episode which the pilots are played by actors the co pilot sounds so desperate in his last call to ATC saying engines have failed and they need priority but in the actual recording of the flight with actual pilots the co pilot said it so calmly.

British airways 38 just before landing both engines fail co pilot flying plane captain adjusts flaps and makes mayday call. Plane lands safely with no fatalities. Good result but the poor captain has people saying he froze at controls and didn't do anything to help the plane land all because he said it was the co pilot at controls.

Hudson River landing this is the only one I remember seeing on news when it happened. The plane hit some birds (geese?) and lost engine power and was unable to get to land so had to land on the Hudson river and everyone survived. The captain was applauded and I think had reunion with passengers after. Did anyone listen to this on here when it happened in January 2009 or any of other accidents off air crash investigation? I know most are older and some like British airways 38 was in uk so wouldn't of been on.