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Strange Crash Of A First Air B737 At Resolute Bay

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If I'm reading this right, the aircraft involved in this crash (First Air Boeing 737-210C/Adv C-GNWN) was a mile off the ILS when it impacted the hill.

The aircraft was on approach to the airport, the crew called a 3nm final.

There was fog in the area.

The question here is was it a navigational error in the aircraft systems, or a problem in the ILS system itself? The ILS was NOTAMed as unserviceable after the crash, but that is SOP until it is checked out.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


Below is a pic of the aircraft involved:

That is extremely strange.  I'll throw another wrench in the gears of this one.  If the Nav receiver was on the fritz, or if the ILS transmitter was on the fritz, the GPS location and it's overlay would still be functioning.  I don't know what the displays in this particular aircraft are showing, but if it does show that as well, then I don't see how you could be that far off course and not notice.

I'm not sure this old bird had GPS...here is a shot of C-GNWN's flight deck:

Oh my.  Maybe they should have a 496 on the yoke or something when flying out there from now on....

The only way I can figure they ended up over there is if they were doing a circle to land 17, since the wind was clearly favoring 17.  I don't see any indication of that being their intention, however there is nothing saying it wasn't either.  I don't see how even a massive instrumentation failure could have put them over there by accident so to me its the only explanation possible at this time.

With that said, even it ends up being the case, that explains their lateral position.  Still doesn't explain their vertical position...  mainly the part where they crashed into terrain.  Unfortunately human error is the most likely culprit to that one.  Will be interesting to see the final results.

They called in 3nm final for 35T. No mention of a circle to land was made. Very odd...


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