Author Topic: Southwest 737 Experiences Speed Control Issue  (Read 3122 times)

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Southwest 737 Experiences Speed Control Issue
« on: November 13, 2019, 06:26:55 AM »
Unusual situation...

"A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700, registration N7744A performing flight WN-4095 from Santa Ana, CA to Dallas Love, TX (USA) with 139 people on board, was climbing out of Santa Ana when the crew reported they had a gear issue. The aircraft levelled off at 5000 feet and prepared for a return to Santa Ana, the crew subsequently decided to divert to Los Angeles,CA (USA) where the aircraft landed safely on runway 25L about 35 minutes after departure.

A replacement Boeing 737-700 registration N248WN reached Dallas with a delay of about 3 hours.

Late Nov 12th 2019 (Pacific Standard Time) the FAA reported: "the crew advised they were experiencing speed-control issues after departing".

With that information on hand a previously unreadable portion of their transmissions became understandable, the crew reported a gear problem and subsequently added: "we are not able to bring the power back on the aircraft without gear being down" and again clarified they could not get the aircraft to accelerate, slow down for the approach would not be a problem, the gear was down. The crew indicated to return to Santa Ana, later deciding to divert to Los Angeles."