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Small plane makes emergency landing on US 27 in Broward County



BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – A small plane landed on U.S. 27 Wednesday afternoon in western Broward County.

The plane landed in the highway’s southbound lanes near the Twentysix Mile Bend, about five miles north of Interstate 75.

Ridwan Chowdry was in the cockpit as a student pilot. He and his instructor had just taken off from North Perry Airport in Pembroke Pines headed to Pahokee near Lake Okechobee when trouble hit at 2,000 feet.

“We were feeling the engine roughness and we saw the smoke so we made a decision to make a landing because there was no power,” Chowdry said.

Any hope of making a safe return to their departure airport was dashed when the engine failed.

“We always train for this emergency situation all the time so it was kind of normal to us and he took the controls,” Chowdry said.

The plane made an emergency landing in the southbound lanes of US-27 near Mile Marker 39 during a lucky break in traffic late Wednesday afternoon.


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